Make it rain? Sure thing. Up to you to decide if a polite english drizzle will do, or if it’s an outright monsoon you’re after. Our rain comes in a wide range, from droplets that are barely there to a royal flush. No matter where your set is, inside or out—way out—we have storage tanks and basins at the ready. We’ll even wrap your actors in wetsuits and heat the water for them.


A subtle breeze that will make the heroine’s hair move ever so slightly? We’ve got the men and machines to match timing to precision, but we love blizzards and swirling hurricanes just as well. We’ll set you up with electrical fans in the studio and pack thermal ventilators when headed into the great outdoors.


There’s the puff of smoke that accompanies the roast turkey as you pull it out of the oven for christmas. There’s hazy parties in 90s basements where cigarettes doubled as smoke machines. There’s scotland at dawn. And there’s everything in between. Smoke oil, water-based, portable. You name it, we’ll fog it.


If it’s alpine you’re going for, we have a range of snow that works with wide angles as well as close ups. The same goes for antarctic and alaskan. We’ll winter wonderland your set with cellulose, foam or paper snow that falls, flutters and forms into neat snowmen. The stuff comes in biodegradable materials, too.